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And The Australian of the Year Award Goes to – Someone Else January 26, 2006

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Those Australian WWWs will know that today is Australia Day; a day to be spent with family, friends, beer, Cricket and apparently lamb. I’m all for having a nice big piece of cow on the BBQ today, but a high spending advertising campaign means I’ve been outvoted.

Australia Day is also the day the Australian of the Year is announced (actors, sports-people and Doctors need only apply) as well as the Australian Day’s Honours. Once again, it seems that bag-wearing bloggers have received bugger all, in fact to receive an Australian Award you have to have done something special, something amazing, something like these no-doubt proud bronze ockers.

Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) link
Mrs Thelma Rose ANDERSON Blackwood SA 5051 For service to the environment and to natural heritage preservation through the establishment and maintenance of walking trails and conservation areas.
Walking trails? Come on, you can’t be serious!

The Reverend George Gordon ASHWORTH Jan Juc Vic 3228 For service to the Baptist Union of Australia as a minister and to the community of Torquay.
Reverend George is a minister, maybe even a really good one, but is that alone worth an OAM? Why don’t we give one to every minister, or was it just Reverend George’s turn this year?

Miss Angela Claire BAILEY Coogee NSW 2034 For service to the international community as the inaugural Headmistress of the School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania.
Again, someone just doing their job gets a gong. I bet the second Headmistress of the School of St Jude is going to be royally brassed off.

Mrs Sylvia Joan BAKER Deniliquin NSW 2710 For service to the community of Deniliquin, particularly through local government and social development initiatives, and to women as a role model.
Yeah right, just because she tees off from the Ladies Tee? She has to have done more than that to get an award.

Mr Duncan Macdonald BATE Tocumwal NSW 2714 For service to the community of Tocumwal and to the irrigation industry.
Didn’t leave his lawn sprinkler on overnight.

Mrs Christine BENNETTT as 7000 For service to hockey as a competitor, coach and administrator, and to the community
Hockey! As it turns out I like hockey, but it just goes to show that if you want to win an Australian Day Award you have a fair to good chance just by playing sport. If you’re actually any good, you’re right up there for Australian of the Year Contention.

Dr George Gordon BENNETT Mosman NSW 2088 For service to surveying and mapping, particularly as an educator and a specialist in the field of celestial navigation and positional astronomy.
Big deal, so he knows the difference between the big dipper and the small dipper. Who is to say there isn’t some other reason why Dr George Gordon Bennett may be seen around the hours of darkness with binoculars?

Mr Peter Hugh BLIZZARD Greendale Vic 3341 For service to the arts as a sculptor and educator.
He teaches, he sculpts, he gets a gong. I’m wondering if he sculpts any weird abstract stuff?

Mr Denis John BROAD Broadmeadow NSW 2292 For service to cricket as a player and office-bearer.
Plays sport. Whoop-dee-doo!

Mr John Edward BUTLER Medindie SA 5081 For service to education, particularly in the field of geography as a teacher, author and administrator, and to the community.
Knows the technical difference between a hill and a mountain.

Mr Desmond Gerard CAIN Wembley Downs WA 6019 For service to the chicken meat industry and to the community, particularly through the establishment of Foodbank WA.
Eats chicken, probably sells it too. Just put down that drumstick sir and I’ll hand this shiny medal over. I nominated myself for services to the two-minute noodle industry, but I’m still waiting to hear back.

Mr Ian Doric GLACHAN, deceased (Award wef 30 July 2004) Late of Jindera NSW 2642 For service to the Parliament of New South Wales, and to the community of the Albury region through a range of local organisations.
Dead people? Don’t think you’re out of the running.

Mr Mervyn Stanley GODFREY Mount Waverley Vic 3149 For service to the community as a cartographer and publisher of city street reference directories.
Big hairy deal.

Member in the Order of Australia (AM) link
Dr Murray Ian BROOKER Braddon ACT 2612 For service to botany, particularly through research leading to the identification and classification in the genus Eucalyptus, and as an author.

The Honourable Janice Ann CROSIO, MBE Wetherill Park NSW 2164 For service to the Australian and New South Wales parliaments, to local government, and to the community of Fairfield.
In other words she’s a politician. So?

Dr Jeffrey Niccol HANNA Cairns Qld 4870 For service to medicine in the fields of public health and epidemiology, particularly through contributions in the area of communicable disease prevention and control.
So either he’s stopped scratching, or dispenses the stuff that makes other people stop scratching. Sounds like he’s just doing his job (for which he no doubt gets highly paid for) to me.

Mr Douglas Sidney JACKSON Burradoo NSW 2576 For service to the furniture industry, particularly through professional organisations and the establishment of an industry superannuation fund.
Furniture industry? In other words he runs a furniture store. And he set up a super fund. What about the person who restocks the coffee and tea?

Mr Peter Alfred TOOGOOD, MBE Seven Mile Beach Tas 7170 For service to golf, to the establishment of the Australasian Golf Museum, and to the development of school sport.

Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) link
Ms Lisa Kinkead GASTEEN Melbourne Vic 3004F or service to the performing arts and to cultural life in Australia through opera as a leading dramatic soprano of national and international stature.

Mr Robert JACKS Harcourt Vic 3453 For service to Australian art as a painter, sculptor, printmaker and educator, and through support for emerging young artists.
Another bleeding artist.

Before anyone rushes in and says I’m just jealous (so what! I admit it! I’m jealous as hell!) let me add that I applaud each and every weekend sports-person, artist, tree-hugger and dead politician. In fact I hope to read of even MORE dead politicians in next years list.



1. smartysmum - January 26, 2006

Slog, you are a hundred percent right. Graham Kennedy got one, even though he died last year. Nicole Kidman got one for having red hair. You SHOULD get one for your services to humanity. I think it’s wonderful the way you never allow yourself to wear shorts, even on the hottest day. Sparing us the sight of those skinny,white sticks you call ‘legs’ is the kindest thing you’ve ever done. Captain Slog, I present you with this plastic OAM! God Bless you, sir!

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